We launch this independent music video fashion styling project on Spring Equinox 2019. I can’t think of a better first official post than two new music videos from amazing Austrian performer Tom Neuwirth, better known as Conchita Wurst and now, also, just WURST. Always standing tall in Phoenix truth, this artist has pulled off one of the most remarkable image and career transformations in industry memory. Trash All the Glam spins its synth-pop yarn of desire, alienation and ultimately, becoming. The second release, Hit Me is an instant radio/club anthem steeped in Sci-Fi and criminal drama moodboards. Both were subversively outfitted by Viennese stylist Julia Philippitsch. “Dressing people since 2015”, her portfolio includes prior work with Conchita, solid editorials and campaigns, including Dolce & Gabbana (but we won’t hold it against her, lol). How does one style fetish gear for mass audience?! How to manage personal style continuity while altering gender presentation?! Where did those fabulous socks come from?! We’ll reach out to Julia with these and other questions… Meanwhile, marvel at the videos and stay unstoppable!

Rapidly outperforming the Glam, coming up on a million views within a week, here is the unapologetic, mesmerizing Hit Me! I dare you not to feel its rhythm in your bones!

Earlier version of #StyleTheBeat project is available on 

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